Trevor Stuart’s climb to End Family Violence

Elevating lives one peak at a time

Join us in supporting Trevor Stuart as he climbs Mt. Everest Mar. 30 - June 7 in a bold effort to raise awareness and funds to end family violence across Canada.

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In 2015 19 people died    attempting
Mount Everest
In 2015 153 women were killed in Canada
43 in Alberta

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Family Violence Awareness

Violence against women and children happens in all cultures and religions, in all ethnic and racial communities, at every age, and in every income group.

67% of Canadians have known a woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse
60% of women with a disability experience some form of violence
Every 6 days in Canada a woman is killed by her intimate partner
66% of female victims of sexual assault are under age 24 (11% are under age 11)
Fewer than 10% of all sexual assaults are reported to the police
Trevor Stuart

Trevor’s intention is to truly inspire people, and to support people to get over their past and create a new beginning.

“I was raised in a home where domestic violence was rampant. When I was little, I was so scared, confused, and wished someone would help. My father told our family if we reported the violence to the police that he would harm or kill us; so we kept quiet.

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As I got older, I tried standing up and stopping the fights because they were so scary and violent. But I found when I did it made the fights worse for a short period of time then it would end suddenly. So I decided it was worth it.

I didn’t know a Harbour House existed anywhere. I wish I had known then, but that’s behind me now. I want to help women and children experience freedom by learning that there is a place to go for them. It’s safe here at the YWCA Lethbridge and District. Lives can be rebuilt and self-confidence can grow!”

Trevor’s Schedule

Mt. Everest:
March 30 - June 7, 2016
The world's highest mountain at 29,035 feet; its peak is on the border of Nepal and China.
Mt. Sajama & Mt. Condoriri, Bolivia:
COMPLETED June 5, 2015 – June 27, 2015
Climbing 5 peaks in Bolivia, each more than 18,000ft. in elevation.
Mt. Aconcogua:
COMPLETED January 22, 2015 - February 11, 2015
South America's highest peak, one of the major mountains of the world at 22 641ft.
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To follow Trevor’s journey follow him on Facebook – Elevating Lives one Peak At A Time.

Trevor is a true philanthropist, funding all of his own journeys through his own income and some wonderful sponsors. All money raised and donated to the YWCA through the 'Climb to End Family Violence' stays at the YWCA for our domestic violence programs.

Preparing for and participating in mountain climbing is a high risk activity. Despite all precautions being taken, if, for whatever reason the climbs cannot be completed, your donations have been accepted gratefully for “Family Violence Programs” and will not be refunded.

Some Sobering Thoughts

If a woman is being abused, why doesn’t she just leave the relationship?

Just to mention a few...

  • Fear of greater danger to herself and her children if they try to leave

    75% of domestic violence homicides happen when a woman was in the process of leaving or had already left her abuser

  • Fear that her partner will follow her and kill her, kill himself, or kill the children and animals.

    This fear is often based on real threats delivered by her partner. Over 60% of women living in an emergency shelter had their pet harmed and/or killed by an abusive partner.

  • Fear, or threat, that her abuser may do something to get her.

    Report her to welfare, call her workplace, harass her family.

  • Lack of support.

    From social isolation resulting in lack of support from family and friends, and negative responses from the community, police, courts, etc.

What should you do if you or someone you know is being abused?
Call YWCA Lethbridge & District Harbour House Crisis Line — 403-320-1881 or 1-866-296-0447

Statistics from YWCA lethbridge Last Year

YWCA Harbour House
  • 535 (308 women & 227 children) resided in Harbour House
  • 1,218 (376 women with 842 children) turned away as all beds were full
  • 2,350 crisis calls; 410 in-person crisis calls; 7,801 non-crisis calls (information only)
  • 97 identified sexual assaults
  • 86 women identified as being at extreme risk of assault and/or homicide
YWCA Harbour House Outreach
  • 1,468 women with 1,599 children accessed services
  • 67 male clients for the 2014-2015 fiscal year
  • 165 Victim Awareness Sessions Completed
  • 68 attended landlord / tenant sessions
  • 44 took part in Rape Aggression Defense Workshops

YWCA Lethbridge & District

Supports people from our community at times when they need it most, regardless of their circumstance. In 2014/15, YWCA supported over 6000 individuals through our programs & services, which are offered by 60 qualified staff and strengthened through the dedication of 100 volunteers.

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